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May, 21 2024
MARKETSCOPE : Market Higher for Longer ?

There's exuberance in the markets again as traders celebrate in style following the first CPI reading of the year that drifted lower. We do not subscribe to the no-landing narrative. Investors should underweight risk-assets on a cyclical investment horizon. Given sanguine market sentiment equities are at a heightened risk of declining. Read more...

May, 14 2024
MARKETSCOPE : Market Doldrums

Stock indexes returned to their record levels at the end of the week, driven by hopes of monetary easing in the coming weeks. In the United States, the latest deteriorating statistics on the job market and economic activity suggest that the Fed will have the leeway necessary to cut its rates in September. Interest rate cuts are expected in Europe starting in June. Meanwhile, China is finally showing some signs of recovery. Read more...


A regular compilation of our leading research documents, in which our yearly macroeconomic investment scenario is either comforted or discarded because of developed or unexpected events

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May, 21 2024
Dow 40,000

Do these milestone numbers matter? Well, that comes down to whether you believe in the psychological significance of round numbers. Read more...

May, 15 2024
Cryptos' Volatility Explained

Bitcoin and other crypto prices have had relatively big price swings. Company news, economic conditions, network factors, and other aspects unique to cryptos help drive the price swings. Understanding crypto price gyrations is crucial before considering investing. Read more...