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MARKETSCOPE : Weekly report on the markets with our comments and analysis. It is freely accessible
in the news & information tab.

THE WITCHER : includes our two top in-house analysis instruments :
    Decider : a multi time-frame oscillators system to determine the over or under valued situation for stock 
    and indexes and a top class technical analysis research.
    Allocator : a proprietary matrix based on the economic cycle to select the right sectors, as well as factors and 
    investment styles according to the present cycle.

THE STRATEGIST : regular review and update of our asset allocation for each of our model portfolios corresponding 
to the latest macro and micro environments. Periodically we update it and propose recommendations when major changes happen.           
This service is partly reserved to our clients and premium subscribers.

ADVISORY :  a customized service to bring the best investing solutions and special recommendations.
We give you the solutions according to your investing personality and the investment strategy that may work for you.
This service is reserved to our clients.The subscription to the ADVISORY includes all the previous ones.