Socially Responsible Investing

“From climate change to chemicals, from water to weather, from banking and business to wildlife conservation and law – the Geneva region has established itself in the past 40 years as a world-class city for international initiatives on the environmental aspects of sustainable development.” Partnerships for the Planet: Stories from Geneva, June 2007


Climate change, human rights, poverty and other global challenges are important issues for society, and are becoming increasingly important for business. Severe constraints on energy, water, and ecosystems are expected to impact current economies, societies, life-styles and general well-being. The new perception of a broader role of business in society is indeed mutual: not only do societies require a thriving and responsible private sector to develop; equally, businesses need developing societies to thrive.


Ultimately when the economics adequately capture the sustainability performance of companies will the financial markets have the ultimate incentive to entirely integrate sustainable development considerations into their core business strategy; in turn, only if business valuations on the capital markets link environmental and social performance with business value, will investors be able to identify the corporate winners and losers of the coming decades and remain winners themselves.


In order to achieve appropriate balance between financial return and positive social impact we engage ourselves, our clients and partners to contribute to achieve theses challenges through responsible attitude and investments.

At Investlogic, we target up to 25% of annual net profit before tax to be distributed to charity and development organizations or programs, in particular in the countries from which the profits are derived or in a redistribution process.