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Risk Profile : Investing Adventurer

April, 26 2022

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Adventurers want growth, and understand that volatility is a normal and natural feature of investing.


Adventurer personalities want to maximize growth, and prefer a diversified portfolio consisting only of equities.


  • Adventurers are aggressive investors, meaning they seek long-term growth.
  • Investment portfolios should consist of broadly diversified equities, with little to no fixed income exposure.
  • Long-term goal of growth, willing to accept volatility that comes with investing in all equities.


INVESTLOGIC  Potential Investment Solutions


An Aggressive portfolio should be invested in diversified equities. Liquidity, quality, risk controls, and a long-term goal of maximizing growth are key features and may include the following asset types:

  • Small-Capitalization equities invest in the potentially higher growth, higher risk category of small-cap stocks.
  • All-Capitalization equities invest in a diversified set of equities across all size capitalizations, with a focus on risk-controlled growth


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