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Q4 Economic Forecasts 2 : Emerging

October, 02 2012

Global Finance – Apocalypse postponed -from, say: “Imminent Catastrophe of Galactic Proportions” to merely “Worried”-

The announcement of unlimited bond purchases by the ECB with the proviso that countries requiring Central Bank support accept a binding austerity programme is the best news that could have been realistically hoped for. Numerous hurdles remain – political, legal, legislative and especially, public opinion in the creditor countries, which has ranged between the merely ignorant, the pompously obtuse, and the partisan-to-the-point-of- jingoism; as per usual, it has been badly misled by the media. Fortunately, in a rare display of political courage, the European leadership has shown some willingness to ignore the noise from the street.

Hope dies last, and a series of (for once, well- coordinated) statements by the likes of Merkel, Draghi and Monti over the last few weeks give some reasonable hope that the apocalypse may yet be averted.

The only real question is whether the emergings can provide enough growth to prevent a global crash. Our relatively bullish stance on China has thus far not been falsified


Q4 Forecasts : Apocalypse Posponed

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