Investment Philosophy

Key characteristics

Our investment philosophy is in line with our ambition: the preservation and growth of our clients wealth.

  • We privilege long-term results to short-term opportunities.
  • The asset allocation is the key element in portfolio performance. The latter is a result of a comprehensive global macro-economic outlook.
  • Our in-house research is the essential ingredient to our investment strategy.
  • We privilege traditional investment classes over speculative asset classes.
  • We only invest in instruments for which we have a deep understanding and that we control. Thus, direct lines are favoured over funds with less transparency.
  • Diversification is an essential condition, but it must not translate into excessive dilution. Strong investment ideas must be followed through with conviction and patience.
  • We operate within a true open architecture to tap the best products outside the company.
  • Technical analysis is being used to improve timing decisions.
  • The client’s budget risk is a key determinant of the portfolio performance. It is monitored by important quantitative tools.

A rigorous investment process allows for sustainability principles to be integrated into the asset allocation and investment choices. Portfolio construction and management follow strict diversification and risk control rules.