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Individual Principles for the Responsible Investor

May, 18 2012

In order to assist finance professionals in their thought process, the Principles were designed around three successive actions which are structured as follows: 1) expanding personal awareness, 2) developing and implementing solutions, 3) sharing experiences.

  SRI Principles

Principle 1: I know
Inaction, like ignorance, carries a price
Thinking about consequences and asking the right questions in terms of sustainability and responsibility allows seizing new opportunities and limits not only risks but also the potential external negative effects of an investment decision.

Principle 2: I apply
Investing is making choices
While possible solutions may be numerous and complex, weighing up options, questioning the socio-economic risks of one’s investments or acquisitions leads to the construction of balanced solutions.

Principle 3: I share
Sharing stimulates learning
The learning process rests not only on « acting » but also on the common assessment of practices and the sharing of knowledge. To give the questions surrounding sustainable finance a wider audience, it is important to be able to define best practices together.