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2014 Outrageous Predictions

December, 26 2013

It’s back again and this time, it’s bigger, better and a little more outrageous than ever before.

2014 could and should be the year in which a mandate for change not only becomes necessary, but is also implemented.

Although the probability of any one of the predictions coming true is low, they are deduced strategically by Saxo Bank’s analysts based on a feasible – if unlikely – series of market and political events. This isn’t meant to be a pessimistic outlook. This is about critical events that could lead to change – hopefully for the better. After all, looking back through history, all changes, good or bad, are made after moments of crisis after a comprehensive failure of the old way of doing things. As things are now, global wealth and income distribution remain hugely lopsided which also has to mean that significant change is more likely than ever due to unsustainable imbalances.

These Outrageous Predictions are not Saxo Bank’s official calls for 2014, but rather an exercise in feeling out the major risks to capital preservation, and intended to encourage investors to prepare for the worst case scenario before trading or investing…

This year, our “fat-tail” predictions include a rude awakening for the “Fat Five” of the technology sector, a US deflation nightmare and a world awash with oil.

Then there are our sometimes brilliant, outlandish and perhaps uncannily prescient predictions from the TradingFloor community, including a surprise career move for Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

Welcome to Saxo Bank’s 2014 Outrageous Predictions